How To Air Purge a System

Posted on December 2, 2022

In this video Jamie walks us through how to air purge a heat pump system.

Let’s talk about the intricacies of setting the air purge mode in the controller for air source heat pump systems.

One of the crucial aspects many installers inquire about is the air purge mode. Let’s unravel how to navigate through the system to effectively purge the air during commissioning.

Accessing Installer Mode

To initiate the air purge mode, it’s imperative to ensure that we’re in the installer mode. Here’s how to navigate through the menu:

  • From the main screen, access the installer mode.
  • Proceed to the commissioning section.

Unlocking Functionality

Upon reaching the commissioning section, you may notice certain options are greyed out. This typically happens when the unit’s operation is on. Here’s how to enable the necessary functions:

  • Return to the operation menu.
  • Ensure both operation and test modes are turned off.

Initiating Air Purge

Now that we’ve unlocked the necessary functionalities, we’re ready to initiate the air purge process:

  • Access the commissioning menu.
  • Navigate to the air purge option.

Choosing Purge Mode

You have the choice between manual and automatic air purging modes:

  • Automatic Air Purge: This mode automatically adjusts the valve position and modulates the pump to remove air from the system.
  • Manual Air Purge: Allows you to control the pump speed manually.

Customizing Purge Parameters

Once the mode is selected, you can customize the purge parameters according to your requirements:

  • Select the circuit you want to air purge.
  • Adjust the pump speed to optimize air removal efficiency.

Commence Air Purge

With the parameters set, it’s time to commence the air purge process:

  • Initiate the air purge and monitor the system’s flow rates, water pressures, and the circuit being purged.

Mastering the air purge mode is pivotal for ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in air source heat pump systems. By following these steps, you can effectively eliminate trapped air during commissioning, facilitating smoother operations and enhanced performance.

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