What is HPIN?

HPIN protects you, the homeowner, and the industry.

  1. 1. Consumer protection
  2. 2. System design
  3. 3. HPIN Academy
  4. 4. The best highly trained installers

1. Consumer Protection

The primary objective of HPIN is to protect the consumer from start to finish.

At the very beginning of the consumer journey, HPIN ensures that the information provided to the consumer is honest, accurate, and educational in alignment with the RECC guidelines.

Once a consumer has placed their order, the order is passed through to HPIN for a feasibility assessment resulting in a full feasibility report being shared with the consumer. This prevents the installation of unfeasible systems protecting both the customer and the industry as a whole.

2. System Design

Unlike many other types of heating systems, the design of a heat pump system is absolutely critical to the efficient operation and performance of the completed system.

Poor heat pump system performance can almost always be attributed to poor system design. When a customer’s order has passed the initial feasibility assessment it then gets passed to the HPIN design team.

The HPIN designers are all qualified engineers that are also ‘Heat Geek’ qualified.

The design stage is only complete once the entire design and specification has gone through the final quality check and has been signed off for guaranteed system performance.

3. HPIN Academy

The HPIN Academy is an industry-leading, purpose-built training facility.

It is only one of its kind in the UK with training bays containing multiple variations of domestic Air Source heat pump systems designs.

The variety of training courses offered caters to every level of heat pump installer, from those just entering the industry through to expert level installers and service engineers.

Every installer that is a member of HPIN will have completed extensive training at the HPIN Academy, ensuring consistent quality for every system installed by HPIN member installers.

4. Only the best Installers

For an installer to become an affiliated HPIN member installer, they must have completed training with the HPIN academy – regardless of prior experience.

Their values and ethics must be in total alignment with those of HPIN.

The quality of their work is audited and signed off throughout every installation they carry out ensuring that every installation is faultless, the first time, every time.

EDF strategic partnership with HPIN

EDF in the UK, Britain’s biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity, has entered into a strategic investment and partnership with the Heat Pump Installer Network (HPIN) to help upskill engineers across the country and advance its heat pump offering for its UK customers.

The strategic investment means EDF will partner with HPIN for its customer’s heat pump installations, offering EDF’s 3 million customers an end-to-end installation journey through the Heat Pump Installer Network (HPIN).

EDF’s investment will also support the development of the HPIN Academy, delivering training to upskill engineers across the country. Currently, there are less than 4,000 qualified heat pump installers (according to the latest MCS estimates) in the UK compared to more than 100,000 Gas Safe engineers. The Academy has the potential to train up to 4,000 new heat pump installers from autumn 2022.