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HPIN is the largest network of approved heat pump installers in the UK

Heat pumps are the future, they will overtake gas.

The fact is that the government has already signed the death warrant for gas heating. With no new installs of gas boilers in new build properties from 2025, we’re going to see a huge shift to new technology – heat pumps. 

Right now, the number of heat pumps being installed in the UK is small, but over the next few years we’re going to see those numbers increase dramatically.

The government’s 10 point plan targets 600,000 heat pump systems being installed every year, that’s an increase of 12,000% on last year’s numbers.

To achieve those figures, a lot of gas engineers are going to need to transition into the world of heat pumps.

There are currently just 1,900 heat pump installers in the UK, which is a tiny fraction of the number of Gas Safe installers, of which there are over 100,000.

Join the network and future proof your business

If you’re an independent Gas Safe installer right now, joining HPIN is the simplest, quickest, easiest way to get started in heat pumps.

  • Our nationwide sales and marketing team provide you with work in your local area
  • To free up more of your time, we’ll design the system so it’s exactly right for the customer
  • ALL of the parts you’ll need will be delivered directly to you on site
  • We will take care of collecting the money and completing the paperwork

All you need to do is the installation itself, on a day that suits you. 

Even if you’ve got ZERO knowledge of heat pumps right now, as long as you know how to take fantastic care of your customers and take pride in doing a quality job you’ll be perfect for HPIN. 

Getting started is easy

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