The HPIN Academy

Our dedicated Heat Pump training facility

Our HPIN Academy opened in August 2022

Our HPIN Academy opened in August 2022 and is testament to the growth of the Heat Pump industry in the UK. Installers are in demand and this training centre will provide the skills customers need.

HPIN Academy Gallery

A unique training facility

The HPIN Academy is truly unique. A dedicated heat pump training facility, the only one with the complete range of Daikin products installed in real-world scenarios to allow you to hone your skills and experience in every situation.

A warm welcome

From the moment you walk through the entrance you will know this is like no other training facility you’ve ever attended. Checking in at reception will feel like checking into a hotel! After being offered a welcome drink of tea, coffee, or soft drink, take a seat before being shown through to your training room by your instructor.

Attractive Training Bays

Each training bay is beautifully lit, not only showing off the Daikin products, but also allowing you to see what you’re doing – a luxury compared to most airing cupboards! The outdoor units are under cover in our garden area, meaning you can safely work on them when the weather isn’t great, and enjoy the surroundings when it is.  


The canteen area opens out onto the garden allowing you to get a bit of fresh air and soak up the sun if it’s out.


There is ample secure parking on site, so there’s no long walks or worry about your vehicle or parking tickets.

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