Contactor Kit (Advanced guide)

Posted on October 12, 2022

In this video Jim covers everything you need to know about the Contactor Kit.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of contactor kits designed to control the immersion heater of a booster heater within the cylinder of air source heat pumps. Understanding the functionality and installation process of these kits is crucial for efficient operation and maintenance of your heating system.

A contactor kit is an essential component that regulates the power supply to the immersion heater or booster heater within the cylinder of an air source heat pump system. It ensures the smooth operation of the heating elements while optimising energy consumption.

Understanding the Components

Let’s break down the key components of a contactor kit and explore their roles in the heating system:

The Cylinder and Its Components

The cylinder houses the immersion heater and other essential elements of the heating system. It’s crucial to understand how the contactor kit integrates with the cylinder to facilitate efficient heating.

The EKUMB Part Kit

The EKUMB part kit encompasses various components, including the USB divert valve and the contactor kit. These components work together to regulate the flow and distribution of heat within the system.

The Contact Kit’s Functionality

The contactor kit serves as the control center for the immersion heater. It receives signals from the system’s PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and activates the heater accordingly, ensuring precise temperature control within the cylinder.

Installation and Wiring Guidelines

Proper installation and wiring are critical to the performance and safety of the heating system. Let’s explore the installation process and important wiring guidelines:

1. Initial Setup

When you receive your cylinder, you’ll also receive the EKUMB part kit, which includes the contactor kit. It’s essential to familiarise yourself with the components and their functions before proceeding with the installation.

2. Wiring Configuration

The wiring configuration of the contactor kit may vary depending on the type of heating system and cylinder setup. Understanding the wiring diagram provided with the kit is essential for accurate installation.

3. Integration with PCB

The contactor kit integrates with the system’s PCB, receiving signals to activate the immersion heater when necessary. Proper alignment and connection ensure seamless communication between the components.

4. Cylinder Power Supply

It’s important to note that the power supply for the immersion heater should not go directly to the cylinder first. Instead, it should be routed through the Hydra box or outdoor unit before reaching the cylinder.

5. Removing Unnecessary Components

In some cases, older contactor kits may contain additional components that are no longer necessary for newer heating units. Removing these components streamlines the installation process and ensures compatibility with modern systems.

6. Finalising the Installation

Once the wiring and integration are complete, double-check all connections and secure them properly. Thorough testing of the system ensures that the contactor kit is functioning as intended before putting it into full operation.

Contactor kits play a crucial role in the efficient operation of air source heat pump systems, particularly in controlling the immersion heater within the cylinder. By understanding the components, installation process, and wiring guidelines, homeowners and electricians can ensure optimal performance and longevity of their heating systems.