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Welcome to the Heat Pump Installer Network (HPIN), where we redefine the landscape of heat pump installations, offering a transformative platform for Gas Engineers and Plumbers.

Discover the HPIN Advantage

Unlock the true potential of heat pumps. HPIN gives you flexibility, autonomy, and a way to get involved with renewables – zero cost – zero hassle.

  • Free level 3 BPEC: in the installation & maintenance of air source heat pumps at our state-of-the-art facility, collaborating with top manufacturers.
  • Convenient Online Training: on how we work and the HPIN process, giving you the tools to succeed.
  • Free Install Jobs: provided by EDF Energy and CB Heating, so you can rest easy knowing that work is being generated for you.
  • Autonomy and Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to shape your schedule and run your business autonomously. With HPIN, you’re in control.
  • Competitive Pay for Each Job: Your hard work deserves fair compensation. At HPIN, we ensure you earn competitively for every job you undertake.
  • Support for Recommending Heat Pumps: We actively reward and support you in recommending heat pumps to your clients. Expand your service offerings effortlessly, with HPIN managing the paperwork and ensuring a seamless process.
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Get FREE Heat Pump Training & Jobs

  • Work is generated for you
  • You get paid for carrying out an initial site visit allowing you to see the job in advance
  • Full schematics provided for a quick and efficient installation
  • Full wiring diagrams for your electrician to follow
  • All system components delivered to the site ready for you
  • Materials (pipe and fittings) contribution to minimise your financial outlay
  • Guaranteed hassle-free payment within 10 days of job completion
  • Tech support is available by phone or video call should you need it
  • Training opportunities to upskill as you go
  • A consistent and reliable income

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